WREN offers free weekly podcasts of the ‘Mike & Murphy Friday Special’ and Chris Connors ‘Back Seat Memories’. Each Mike & Murphy podcast is a 2 hour show. Back Seat Memories is a 3 hour show. You may stop, start, and advance or rewind all of our podcasts at will. We will generally post new podcasts here within 24 hours of a show’s original broadcast. Enjoy!

Chris Connors ‘Back Seat Memories’

Chris Connors 'Back Seat Memories'

Chris Connors ‘Back Seat Memories’ comes to you LIVE every Sunday night LIVE from 7-10 PM on WREN. Chris presented this very program in the Washington, DC market for many years where is was a radio personality for over 30 years. Join Chris for a new show Sunday night!

Make a request and let Chris know about your favorite ‘Back Seat’ memory! Just email him at ‘MyBackSeatMemories@979WREN.org‘ during or before the show anytime.

Mike McB & Murphy Friday Special Podcasts

Mike McB & Murphy

Every Friday morning from 10 AM – 12 Noon Mike McB & Murphy present a themed music special her on Real Oldies 97.9 The WREN. Both of your hosts are very knowledgeable in pop and rock music making these shows both entertaining and informative. Join Mike McB & Murphy for a new show this Friday!

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