Please Consider a Donation!

WREN is a non-commercial community radio station.  Our staff is volunteer but our other costs are similar to any other radio station.  Those include office and tower space, electricity, music licensing, streaming audio and web hosting, office supplies, as well as equipment maintenance upgrade costs.  We also plan to upgrade our Greene County 96.5 FM facility in the first half of next year,  That won’t be cheap!

Any donation is appreciated!  As we are an IRS 501(c)3 organization, your donation will be fully tax deductible.  You may use our PayPal button or contact us directly to make a donation and, we aren’t greedy!  Even $5 or $10 will be appreciated.  For donations of $50 and above, we will be glad to toss in a T-shirt albeit we haven’t ordered them yet so there may be a small wait.

We apologize for an old, non-functional PayPal button. This has been fixed! The buttons at both the top and bottom of the page both work and are linked the the ‘Genesis Communications, Inc.’ PayPal account. Genesis Communications is the non-comm corporate name for WREN.

Thank you for reading this

Jon Hall, GM WREN Radio

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