WREN Personalities

These are the the people who bring you ‘Real Oldies 97.9 the WREN’. We are a non-commercial radio station. Most of our staff members are volunteers. We thank them all for their help and support!

Photo Name About
Mike McB Mike is our intrepid morning man. Join Mike every morning from 6 – 10 AM. Mike has lived the era and remembers it too! His show is peppered with interesting music knowledge! From 8-10 AM Mike and Nancy V. team up for some extra radio fun! Mike has one fantastic set of ‘pipes’!
Nancy V Nancy V is the co-host and music history person on the Mike & Nancy morning show on 97.9 the WREN!
Nora Gail Nora holds down the fort from 10 A.M. until noon on Mondays through Thursdays. She is a child of the 50’s and 60’s and a young adult of the 70’s. (She says she’s still a young adult!) So she is truly a “child of WREN” and revels in reminding us all of the music and the era itself. Tune her in for some fun, some history and lots of great oldies.
Murphy Join Murphy from 12 Noon – 3 PM weekdays. Nobody does more show prep than Murphy! He is very much music savvy and is a significant part of the team that chooses the wide range of oldies music that you hear on WREN. His show reflects his music smarts!
Jon Hall Jon is on from 3 – 7 PM weekdays. He has been in or around radio most of his life. He was on Charlottesville and Lynchburg radio from 1973 to 1981 and then worked behind the scenes in radio engineering. Join Jon for great oldies and a bit of music and general history!
Peter Quist Peter is WREN’s ‘night guy’. He is on from 7 – 11 PM weekdays. He has been in or around radio most of his life. Peter has been around things radio for most of his life but is relatively new to broadcasting. He has lived in the general area for much of his life. He’s a great guy who will also fill you in with more than a bit of music info!
Chris Connors Chris host ‘Back Seat Memories’ live every Sunday night from 7-10 PM.
He is also heard Saturday night from 7-10 PM for an encore, recorded show . You may email Chris anytime to make a request send him a message! Chris did his ‘Back Seat memories’ show for many years on Washing, DC station WXTR and was in DC radio and TV for over thirty years!
Dan Thomas You’ll hear Dan Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 3 PM. Dan is our very first volunteer having been on WREN almost since it’s inception two years ago. Dan worked behind the scenes for CBS in New York and brings a lifetime of experience to WREN.
Harry Wiser Harry is heard from 3 -7 PM on Sundays. He previously worked at WCVA and WJMA in Culpeper. He is our consummate, traditional Top 40 radio DJ!
Albert Kohn Blasted from the past and into the future comes Albert Kohn in his ‘Time Taxi’ to take you back to the swing era of the 30’s and 40’s. Come along and hold on for the ride! Pop in – the engine is humming, the meter is running, and the music is swinging! Join Albert from 7-8 AM Sunday mornings for WREN’s Big Band Show!