Peggy Sue Passes Away at 78 – Inspired Buddy Holly Song

Peggy Sue Gerron, The Lady Who inspired the Classic Buddy Holly Song Passed Away at 78 on Tuesday (10/2/18)

Mrs. Gerron first met Buddy Holly when he bumped into her (quite literally!) while he was carrying a guitar in one hand and an amp in the other knocking her over. He ran over to her and said “I don’t have time to pick you up but you sure are pretty”. Later Jerry Allison, a member of Holly’s band, ‘The Crickets’ ran into Holly and his date. Holly started laughing so Jerry asked him what was so funny. Holly said “I’ve already overwhelmed your Peggy Sue”.

Later, with her second husband, she started a plumbing business and became the first female licensed plumber in California. In retirement, Gerron took up ham radio as a hobby. She also wrote a 2008 memoir, ‘Whatever Happened To Peggy Sue?”.

As to the song, there are different stories as to the name, ‘Peggy Sue’. One has the song being originally named for Holly’s niece ‘Cindy Lou” but changing the name at bandmate Jerry Allison to impress Gerron. Another has Holly changing the name after their producer forced Allison to play in the studio reception room because his snare drum was too loud.

‘Peggy Sue’ placed at #3 on the Billboard charts in 1957. At 97.9 the WREN we play it and other Buddy Holly songs regularly.

As a note, this post paraphrases and is a shorter version of Rolling Stone Magazine article available at https//www.Rolling…/musicnews/peggy-sue-dead-buddy-holly-song-731986.

Photo Credit: Jaime R. Carrero/AP

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