Chris Connors Back Seat Memories Encore Saturday Night 7-10!

This weeks Backseat Memories ENCORE show is the ‘Class of 67 and the Summer of Love!’  Over 100,000 Hippies converged on Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco (wear some flowers in your hair). It was also a time of epic music! Wonder if Mr. McB was there? LOL Get out your tie die shirts, beads, let your hair down for this great Journey back to ’67! And congrats to the graduates on the class of ’67!

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Chris Connors with ‘Back Seat Memories’ comes to you LIVE every Sunday night from 7-10 PM on WREN with an encore performance of last weeks show Saturday from 7-10 PM. Chris presented this very program in the Washington, DC market for many years. It is a lot of fun! Tune in for a very cool trip back in time!

All Back Seat Memories shows are podcast here at!

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